Danny Phantom™ Ghost Frenzy

Danny Phantom™ Ghost Frenzy

Ghosts and an evil character named Vlad Plasmius constantly invade Danny
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This cartoon, arcade style game is controlled by point-and-click mouse action which players use to help the main character of the game, Danny Phantom. The left mouse button is used for firing colored projectiles at cartoon ghosts attacking Danny.These ghosts and an evil character named Vlad Plasmius, constantly invade Danny wherever he is in the Danny Phantom ™ Ghost Frenzy 2.6 game, and three different colors of these pesky spirits are featured. When they decide to descend upon Danny Phantom, the ghosts line up behind one another forming a snaky line to surround Danny. Waving closer and closer to him, as they swirl faster and faster around him, the ghosts try to destroy him, and players are challenged to help by zapping all those ghosts of the same color as fast as they can until none remain. Players can also play a trial of this game online.

A WildFire Web Game loader is required to play the Danny Phantom ™ Ghost Frenzy 2.6 game and players will be prompted to download it whilst launching the game.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Fun activity game


  • Slightly expensive with back up CD
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